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The winter blues has got to me already.So rather than be too depressed i'm off to Alderney this afternoon for a spot of Mulleting.The main aim of the weekend is to improve one of the Jersey guys pb,once thats done(hopefully) i will fish myself using Gulp rubber maggots or bread imatations while the others in my party use bread.I have had success in the past using both,but never tried them while anglers next to me have been using bread.
So Monday evening i will either be talling you about our catch results or about the mega hangover i get from it being to rough to fish. :)
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cmon Steve - rag behind a spinner - had a lure nailed by a mullet proper last winter - baits for girls lol
myfish said:
Had quite a few Thin lips on mepps & rag but soon as i change to artificial worms i get follows but no takes
The trailer worm must be really soft. I thread mine too and leave the rear hook around 5-7mm from the worm end. I rig the rear
hook skinned 'Texas' too to hide the point. Saying all this, real baited mepp's out fish artificial's near 3:1 in my experience.
can be a killer method Im told
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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