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Multi-tool advice?

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Hi Guys,

I'm thinking of getting one of those plier-type multi-tools. Does anyone on here have any experience of them and any recommendations about which model to buy? Key features that I require include pliers for removing hooks, file for sharpening hooks, something for cutting braided line (scissors, wire cutter or blade) and preferably a reasonable sized blade for prepping mackerel for the bbq or float fishing. Any suggestions for other useful features?

Models that I am considering:

Gerber Flik Fish - One hand opening needle nose pliers, hook file, scissors.

Leatherman Wave - Pliers, file and scissors.

Leatherman Skeletool - Pliers, Large blade, carabiner clip.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

All the best,
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Personally Tone I dont like multi tools very much for fishing, they can get clogged with pieces of fish etc. In saying that though I really do like the Wave, a dearly departed mate of mine used to carry one on his belt for years, he was a mechanic though, and its crazy the amount of times he would find a use for it generally. But as for a fishing tool.....not for me I'm afraid.
I have been looking for a decent pair of unhooking pliers. Whilst looking I kept an eye out for any decent tools also, but couldnt see any that I think would last. I want something to keep on my hip outside my waders. The Leatherman Skeleton looks pretty good, but still a bit on the fiddly side. I am just going to buy some decent unhooking pliers (Snowbee ones I think, they also have a cutting blade for trimming fluro, and hopefully braid) that will live in a holster on my wading belt, along with a fish gripper (still undecided on which new one to get), then have my normal multitool tucked away in my bag for any running repairs.
Hi Mick,

I take it that you would recommend getting seperate tools for each job. In which case, would you recommend pliers of forceps for hook removal? If pliers, which make/model? I like the look of the black Rapala sea fishing pliers with the split ring thingy at the tip, at about £20-25. What do you reckon?

What about hook sharpening? Is there a model that's particularly good for trebels?

As always Mick, thanks for your advice.

What Mick said.
i've always got my gerber on me, but not really for fishing.
Having said that the build quality of both of mine is good.
i've got a Gerber suspension & a small Clutch to keep on my keyring.
Have a look at the thread on the 'Clothing and Accessories' thing
Hi Sleep,

Thanks for the reply. I like the caribiner clip on the skeletool as I could attach it to a D-ring or whatever, but it doesn't have a hook file, which would mean carrying another tool. Iwas trying to keep things light. However, I can see that pliers/forceps might be the way to go. I guess that I could leave a hook file at home, as I shouldn't need it that often. Does anyone know if a kitchen knife steel or a DIY chisel stone would do a good job on trebel hooks. I've never sharpened my hooks as I've not been fishing long and I don't get out as often as I'd like. Check out and for the Rapala pliers.

Does anyone else think that seperate tools is the way to go?

Thanks again,

Oops! Just seen your second post, I'll check out that thread. Sorry that this is in the wrong section, I'm still getting familiar with the site. :oops:
I'm with Mick on this. I used to carry a multi-tool, but they just get gunged-up. I use a little Rapala snips around my neck for mono & fluoro. I got a cracking little set of braid scissors (Suffix brand i think), a set of Scierra foreceps that havent let me down yet, and i don't bother sharpening hooks, i just renew them.
I've got the Leatherman skeletool and to be honest it's a bit limited.
The pliers and wire cutters are good, as is the blade. The screwdriver bit fell out when I was working on top of the Jersey power station chimney, so thats a gonner.

Bottle opener works brill though!
Best thing is the guarantee, I'll be sending it off for a replacement in the new year.
Yet again its hard for us salt water boys to be happy with what is available,well at a reasonable price anyway. I have had a pair of those Rapala pliers on the boat for donkeys years and somehow after a few oil ups they are still going? They have nearly gone in the bin a few times but they do free up pretty easily. I much prefer a pair of long nose pliers than a pair of foreceps, I find foreceps can twist and are a bit thin when in a decent fishes mouth with strong trebles to deal with. I stock some Cormoran ones (£8.50) that are sound with a little TLC, they dont have a sheath though. I also have some Fladen ones that are fantastic (£38.00 though!) they come with a sheath and curly lanyard, they have great cutters and are titanium coated stainless steel, expensive but good and the cutter will cut through the shank of the big trebles on a Feed Popper!!

Hook sharpener, I carry a standard hook file or a stone.

Braid scissors, I carry the Cormoran carp ones, they are spot on.

Once again, when a company makes a decent set of tools for sw fishing I think they will be onto a winner, and to be honest I think we all realise if they do the job properly we dont mind paying.
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I've had a Leatherman for over 15 years. I agree with Mick - its a great tool but I don't use it for fishing.

Split ring pliers and braid scissors probably weigh less and seem cover most needs. When I'm on the boat I always carry a proper knife in a sheath off my belt. :horsesword:
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