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Hi Guys

Yet another single fish post. Went out late last night fished from about 23:30 -1:30 caught this guy at about 1:00
It was caught on a green "Ritchie and Cullam" SP

I have been out four our of the last 5 nights and only blanked once on Saturday also blanked on the day trip yesterday.
So that is 3 fish in four night trips which I think was quite good given the conditions. 1 fish went to a sluggo and 2 to "Ritchie and Cullams" aka sidewinders my theory and this is pure speculation, When the water clarity is very very bad having a paddle tail and a textured lure seems to work. I tried a scented textured straight tail but no joy, it was a new one I picked up on Saturday think it might be made by Comaran. My thinking is that with the paddle tail the fish can sense the lure better in murky water.

Are people finding this to be the case or is this not what others are seeing ? Views would be appreciated

Well I am probably out again tonight as I like to fish the push and it is the last sensible(it's all relative) time high of the week

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