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You are right.
In the murky water paddle tails have an advantage.

This weekend has a been a let down. Last night was OK. I did a few hours out with some Malaysians on Sun and boy, that was hard. We got some fish but the water was pants. We fished a place yesterday where in the past, the gullies have given up Wrasse to large proportions. 2 Bites yesterday. Gutting but, the way it goes.
Paul B's theory about paddle tailed baits is coming to fruition. Paddles draw fish in but, you can spook away lots of potential 'straight tailed' takers due to the way the paddle keeps wobbling in their face. Straight tailed baits certainly have the numbers edge but in dirty water they suck.

Last night was a bit of fun though and a few fish were caught thankfully. LRF rescues the day again. Getting to be a habit.
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