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can you tell its winter??? lol

just wondering what tunes cast your plugs? im a metalhead myself (not extreme stuff though). stuff like bury tomorrow, metallica, a day to remember, enter shikari, rage against the machine... mostly modern stuff but do listen to the classics!

enter shikari are my faves tho :p

what about you lot??
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Total silance works for me.
try this lot :badlol:

nautical by nature, public anenome, beastie bouyus, tribe called sea quest,
marky shark and the funky bunch, squid row, eel diamond, marlin gaye
jefferson starfish, wu-tang clam, cindy lobster, shrimp bizkit, fleetwood makrel
Cliff Piltchard, Shirley Bassey, Mr Fish & the Moderators, The Eels, Piranhas
Bomb the Bass, 5 Star Fish, Alex Crabb, America is Whiting, Apollyon Sun fish, Babelfish, Bassborne, Bass Camp five :jump:
Obsessed with music, but I could not comtemplate listening to anything when I am actually fishing - travelling to and from fishing, bring it on, but out on the rocks ? Can't get better than the sound of the sea and the wind. A singing reel tops it all though.

Getting all mythical here.
I think I am with Henry here - love listening to all sorts of music (perhaps not as hard core as Ben & Henry though) but not when fishing. Just love the way your senses are heightened and you are aware of hearing every splash and ripple and your peripheral vision catches every possible "fish" that your mind can conjure.
Yet again Henry, you're the early bird poster!
Contrary to popular belief I'm actually really quiet when fishing.

I love the piece and quiet but that's not it really. I just like to be able to hear a fish
bust in the distance on a dark inky night. Nothing beats that. Your senses come alive.
myfish said:
Contrary to popular belief I'm actually really quiet when fishing.
Its not very often that I come across someone as quiet as me when fishing But Keith is.
I'm not a big fan of music on boats.

I have been followed by wake board boats, monster inboard engines and mad music systems, that have motored right up to the marks that I am fishing, me having drifted in (quietly) from 100yds away. Two casts, no fish and they bugger off with a friendly wave.

Bless them, if only for the scantily clad bimbos adorning the rear seats.

I often wave back too. Economical use of the digits though.
Mostly 80's and early 90's metal like Slayer, Mettalica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Maiden, Carcass, Deicide.

But like loads of other stuff like Pavement, Pixies, Tribe called quest, Casual, Misfits, Ramones, Dinosaur Jr, Led Zeplin, DeerHoof, Sebadoh, Johnny Cash.

One think I've never been able to do is have headphones in when doing an activity. Long time ago it was skateboarding, then snowboarding and now fishing. I don't like not having full awareness of what is around you and don't feel as safe as when I can hear things coming.
I'm another one who enjoys the silence. Even when I'm fishing with people I hardly say a word until I'm packing up!

With music I'm a broad church, anything from big band music to drum 'n' bass to minimalist techno to Northern Soul and Motown!
ok think i may have given the wrong impression, i dont actually listen to any music when im lure fishing for the same reasons stated (casting your plugs was just an expression i guess...). on the way to and from fishing ill be blasting all the fastest songs i have to get me up for it, run over to the mark then chill out and fish lol. recently been getting into dubstep, and have always liked drum and bass. pendulum for example when your gunning it through the coast roads to go fishing when theres a red sunset sky is awesome... cant wait for it again!!!

cheers guys, keep em coming
All sorts. Weird tastes. At the moment I'm into my prog rock! Caravan and Yes etc. I love live bands though. Bit of a shortage of gigs to go to over here unfortunately.
Sleep1981 said:
All sorts. Weird tastes. At the moment I'm into my prog rock! Caravan and Yes etc. I love live bands though. Bit of a shortage of gigs to go to over here unfortunately.
Caravan - now thats a blast from the past :D
i was in halfs with a mate on a boat and our only arguement was he wanted a radio and i didnt.i love the silence out in a boat the mobile turned off etc.
Seems theres a lot of us metalheads who like fishing? Are chavs too lazy to make the effort of getting out of bed early, walking miles and lugging gear around wet rocky places? Bit controversial I know :p :muttley:

Persoanlly, I can't get enough of Alter Bridge (Blackbird album) at the moment, it's the best hard rock/metal album EVER, them and Dark Tranquillity. If you've never heard of them check out Damage done, Haven and Character for some proper gothemburg based Melodic Death metal.

I like allsorts though, mostley metal but also (and wierdly) a bit of country like Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum.

Can't listen to Extreme metal ALL the time or you'll end up going doo lally - talking to fish and babbling about red rods, shiney reels and awesome bits of molded plastic ;)

Okay I'm halfway there but I draw the line at accusing anyones mother of being a man
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Only had music on the boat a couple of times helped drown out an annoying noise , by a coincidence this happend to be the few times when laura the girlfriend came out plugging. She's a lovely girl but when she open's her mouth its like a verbal uzi is going off and the ear drums really do get a battering. :laserswords: the only time she has been quiet on the boat is when she was hit by a bout a sea sickness, wish i had my ipod, would have played the sound of silence by simon and garfunkle. :muttley:
Chad said:
Persoanlly, I can't get enough of Alter Bridge (Blackbird album) at the moment,
Awesome, been banging on about them since they launched there first song, seen them live a couple of times and have even got to breath over Tremonti's fav axe as his guitar tech was setting it up. Blackbird Album is superb, very few albums that I will let play from start to finish without the temptation to FF. Listen to Blackbird here

Love Rodrigo y Gabriela as have previously mentioned seen them 4 times now and the atmosphere at their gigs is something else, been learning (trying) their version of Metalicas Orion this week as my Internets been off.

Love any guitar based music as I love my Guitars like a freak, Metal, Rock, Flamenco too many bands to list, oh yeah I love Guitars :wackit:
Ok guys I am sorry to say that when I'm fishing there are several tunes that wont go out of my head :oops:
I think it comes from having a two year old son:
Postman Pat,Post man Pat and his black and white cat................. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
Pepper Pig :oops:
Thomas and friends :oops: :oops:
Timmy Time :oops:
Shaun the Sheep :oops:
:bangin: :rollineyes:
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