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Been a bit busy in my new job. 2 weeks in and my brain is fried with information overload from reading Trust Deeds and various other rubbish trying to work out how this place does things...

Anyway, I have a parking space in the multistorey on site so despite living 3 minutes away by pushbike I took the car yesterday, but there was a reason!! net, bag and Infeet in the boot and it was a lunchtim fishing session on the cards :-D

I left bang on 12, was hungry so stopped at a beach kiosk for a sausage roll and then drove on to the sort of planned mark, not much water, very small neaps at the moment.

But hey, it's my lunch hour and i'm fishing!!

Rockies the target it was on with a brown one and twitching through the crystal clear water, not much later and I felt the familiar plucking of a small rockie.


A few casts later and I was snagged, had to pull for a break and lost the leader having to re-tie. not much time left now... A few more casts I say to myself...

Wahey!! Singing drag, fish runnng hard in the 4ft deep water, it is a shiny I was thinking to myself??

Nope, big blue lips coming through the water spotted a good 20 yards out.


lovely colours, weighed in the bag at 2-14. not the best fish in the world but it was my lunchhour!!! :-D

Back int eh car and off back to work with a minute to eat a bar of choccie before head down again.

I love living in Guernsey :-D:-D


So, that's the lunchtime done, now for the evening...

It's now dark by the time I get out in the evening but I had plans for a deep mark with larger softies bumping on the sand for a bass.

It was quite cold in the wind but after I while I felt some taps. Very odd this one, still getting taps but doesn't seem to be hooked, all the way in.

Greey little SOB!!!


Is that a pout or a poor cod? Been a while since I caught either.

That's a Sayori shad on a 5/0 in it's gob, hooked fair and square.

I continued after shaking it off avoiding touching it and started to get some odd heavy pulls and taps.

it soon became apparent what it was and after another half hour I called it a night with my lures looking like this:


Squid or Cuttle??


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Great stuff Andy. What a feeling to be able to escape at lunchtime :muttley:

I had mine torn to bits in similar fashion the other day by cuttle. Funnily enough, I was able to hook them on my sp (Gulp sandeel), but they weren't interested at all in my egi? :shock:

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nice one andy,better than sitting in the canteen m8, used to always keep a travel rod in the car but didn't go back to work a couple of times!
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