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My "plans"

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Sorta worked out some plans for my fishing this year - sommat like this

End March & early April will be in Wales (with a short trip with the family down to Weymouth in the middle) - hope to fish Wales & Dorset

June - maybe a trip to Holland (a bit undecided at the moment)

July Im in Wales for about the first 3 weeks with a week in Pembrokeshire in the middle :wackit:

September will be Weymouth comp time

October will be there for the comp (hope to stay a week this time (Tuesday till Tuesday)

November or December should have a short trip to Ireland if the fishings banging

see you all out there on a rock somewhere :)
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Marc D... said:
I take it you wont be fishing at softies Mark this time bud', :muttley:

See you in April matey.. :D :D :D
mmm Im thinking of fishing it with dynamite this time :muttley:
Tim Griffin said:
Tom, if we can get the weather and tides right, I fancy another crack at that mark we checked out last time you were over. Just let me know nearer the time when you are coming over!

Im staying 5 minutes from both the places we visited :)
Ben Edwards said:
where by you staying tom?
Broadhaven (North) I hope
tom been down sandy haven to day give it a few weeks and the crabs will start peeling go to try alot there this year .
if iam working nigths i will pop long with you and show you some more marks. up the top of the ceek when the tide come in the bass gos up to feed on the fry.i will take you up there and we should have a few .and if small tides got some marks for them
Acess to top of the creek & the way to Watwick would tickle me pink mate (still got some unfinished buisness with that bass that was hitting my Patchinko right up to my feet - no laughing this time lol)

looking forward to it mate
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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