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My "plans"

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Sorta worked out some plans for my fishing this year - sommat like this

End March & early April will be in Wales (with a short trip with the family down to Weymouth in the middle) - hope to fish Wales & Dorset

June - maybe a trip to Holland (a bit undecided at the moment)

July Im in Wales for about the first 3 weeks with a week in Pembrokeshire in the middle :wackit:

September will be Weymouth comp time

October will be there for the comp (hope to stay a week this time (Tuesday till Tuesday)

November or December should have a short trip to Ireland if the fishings banging

see you all out there on a rock somewhere :)
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hi Tom, hope to see you on Gower,have bought new climbing ropes and crampons,safe as houses. jeff
Jeff ..
I can hear Toms rear end making funny noises now .. and hes in Germany
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