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N Pembs 221109 - Blank but stayed dry

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Well, JCMR & myself made the call to try somewhere different, seeing as the swell and winds were shite for the South coast marks

We timed it at just under the hour (it'll be quicker in the dry!!) and arrived to see HUGE swells pounding the sandbanks.....opps, wrong location choice maybe ahgg_dunno but a new venue and so we'd take a looksie anyhows. Kitted up (cag jkt on Mr Lewis) and went in search of calm waters. Two surfers strutted up in the carpark and I thought to myself......'Hmm, I wouldn't gents!', but then, its 2 less anglers I suppose!
He parked our backsides onto the top of the first cut-off gully while waiting for our 'moment' to gain what appeared to be better ground further on. While waiting, we saw the 2 said surfers caught up in the horrendous rip and were quickly heading toward the Ireland :eek: :eek: Luckily for them, the RNLI turned up and saved a dodgy day for them both (BIG UP TO THE RNLI :D :D )
Anyhow, we ventured to the private quay and decided enough was enough (only 4 casts in about 3 hours On the trip back to basecamp we could see another mad fisherman and junior on the horizon, 'fcuk me, its Griff' Fair play, his kit was still damp from the day befores session so he didn't need to get wet again, RESPECT MAN. We told him plans of finding somewhere more suited to fishing and headed off to greener pastures.
After a reccie at another windblown mess we opted for the opposite side of the headland. WOW, calmer waters and fishable, we're on it :lol:

Saw plenty of wildlife, seals, gillimots, kites etc but no sodding fish. Still, plenty of marks for the warmer times with less swell. Lovely grounds, shallow waters, deep waters, gullies, heads, much potential up there and thats only on one visit!

We ventured to Poppit Sands then the South side of Dinas Cross and ended up on the North side of Dinas.
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