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Name a lure

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Hi gents, I need to name a lure, it is my favourite Z-Claw. Z-Claws only come with numbers, which I find hard to remember which one it is. So, my favourite one is the 031P, its a beauty. I was thinking of calling it Natural Ghost, or Ghost Minnow.Anyway, thought I would ask you lot to see if you can think of a fitting name? Oh its for my website by the way.

If I pick one of your names I will send you a free one. Cheers.
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I reckon ghost minnow sounds good and fitting to. Right post me my lure ;)
Pretty Kitty !!!!!
Dribbling Dancer !!!!!
The Z-Ward.
Sparkling Spectre !!
Tantalising Twitcher
I think si wants a free z-claw lol. What about casper? as in ghost...
If it's code is 031P then call it BIP or OBIP, you'll never be confused again.
Ghost Ayu,

otherwise known as "I want one"
:muttley:Hells bells Si, el desperado:-D , The Si Swiper or Si Winder, or to be boring........ Ghost Ayu.

I think your first choice pretty much has it down though Mick
Z - draW (Ward backwards)
1 - 20 of 107 Posts
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