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Nantes Tickets

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I got a load of free tickets for the 3 days guys, so if any of you are going to be getting there before us drop me a pm and I will send you some. They are normally about 6€ a day I think, so its worth grabbing these.

Those are bundles of ten I have there btw so dont panic we got more than enough.
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mick can you find out what time the show closes on the friday?im not due into nantes till around 4ish.
It shuts about half five I think Pat, maybe six, but as we are guests we get to loiter around after the public have gone, well if we want to like, usually on the saturday evening the staff from many of the stands meet at the Ultimate stand when the show is closed and have a drink and a chat, we usually stay around and make the most of some free wine.
Please, I beg you, can you stop talking about Nantes *stamps feet and cries like a girl*

Mick, is that the "Tinkers" Annual Dinner you're attending? £25 a ticket!? I assume there are strippers and a buffet included?
Do you want a few tickets Pat?
Its Stinkers annual dinner mate, some members resemble bits of bait, and smell likewise. Nah its the Sinkers meal and presentation mate, the local fishing club and organisers of the bestest and oldest bass fest around these parts.
yes mick im going with pauly b so tickets would be great thanks.
I'll send a couple in the morning mate.
thanks for the tickets mick,wont be long now mate cant wait:)the credit card might have to stay at home though,
it would prob get an awful beating over there;)
Mick, are you going to hold ours and pass them around the bar on Thursday night? Thanks for sorting them anyway, mucho grassyarse.
I have posted 8 to Vidar for all the boys going with him, and 4 to Pat C in Wexford for him and Pauly, and a few to Mike in Weymouth for him and Brian. Seeing Nathan and Henry are coming via Jersey on the way I can give theirs to them. Not long now chaps.
Seeing Nathan and Henry are coming via Jersey on the way I can give theirs to them.
And me, and meeeeeee!!!
sorry to correct you mick but i aint no wexford strawberry im a blaah from waterford and thanks for sending the tickets.
Thanks Mick!!! Can't wait......
Ben are you coming to Jersey too?
I believe so. Flying with Nath and Henry.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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