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Actually, Naory, not Naori as in the header...

New to Japan and of course, extremely new here, light eging is here.

Egi's of size 0.8 -- 2.2 about 3g to 7g, very small but with sink rates comparable to the larger Egi sizes.

The Japs are using special light Eging rods that are similar in power to the LRF rods but designed for Eging. I have a half dozen Naory ((Yamashita Trade) but the name is sticking) on the way. I sourced mine directly from Japan where they are still like rocking horse poo.

I've gone with the Range Hunter in 1.5 to 2.2 sizes.

I'm going to use my Cormoran LRF rod or my Redington until I get a proper Naory rod and believe me, a 1kg Sepia will bend them silly.

There is a definite leaning towards bottom range lures and slim 2-3" at that by the Cuttles. So much so that 40 bites to such lures in an hour can be reduced to 4 or 5 takes on 3.5 Egi's.

Going down to Light Eging sizes will almost certainly mean more positive connections.
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