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hi..i posted a thread once on a different forum,,regarding deep diving plugs..and in reply got some great responses and links to plug/lure sites from a few names i regognise on here now..i have trolled ( excuse the pun) through the sites looking for a deep diving jointed plug that will deffinately do 30ft depths..without the use of extra weights or paravanes..i have found the odd one but i need them to be approx 13 cm..
after much thought i opted to use rapala deep tail dancers..great lures and certainly scraped the bottom at 25 ft depths..but there not jointed and felt a little more plug action would lead to better catches...
i have seen some great looking lures but non so far has prompted me to buy and use in place of the deep tail dancers...
any ideas...

(Mr Zzippy): what is the bottom your fishing over like? as downriggers would seem the obvious choice.

hi fishing over standard sussex chalk reef .. the bottom is somewhat kelpy and intermingled with deep troughs.i have thought about down riggers etc but want to keep to just the plug /line rod/reel format..
why im not to sure but..its how im thinking at the moment..i find the deep tail dancers great from the few times ive tried them..over the shallower parts of the reef in using rapala slivers .. again great ...i love the jointed action..hence wainting the same in a deep diver..
ive got awhile to find the right lure..well to next summer

i have looked at plug/jelly tail como things but..cannot decide on what i think of them...
anyone tried these on the troll..

i do, do shore fishing..sometimes..

(MrZzippy): what sort of speed do you need to be doing when trolling to get the lures down 25 foot plus?

with the deep dancers only 1-2 knots depending on how slow i can troll with and against the tide..but with the slivers to get them down to 15ft i troll at 1.5-3 knots...again depending on tide pull.

lots of takes have come over percific deeper marks at the slowest troll speed with the tail dancers..
trolling on the shallows with the sliver takes come at any time but mostly smaller fish..hence i feel if i can troll in 30-40ft of water my chances may be better of a better fish..but thats just my thinking again..

(Mr Zzippy): that was my thought regarding using downriggers as you have alot more scope with speed with/against/across the tide etc. plus it gives you more options with lure choice or even live sandeel. as for really deep divers for trolling im not sure sorry, but if you do go down the route of downriggers send me a pm for more info.

i many thanks i appreciate that...i sometimes think .. i maybe over complicating things,,i found a plug that works,,why fix if its not busted..but i dont like standing still..

i might invest in two down riggers..i will have a look its great to talk/corrispond with you,,thank you.. kindest regards andy..

(jordanis3r): Could you have a crack at making the plugs yourself or by somebody based on the rapala's?

I can't think of anything that small to hit 25ft - saw these over at Rokmax .. ... ling+Lures again not jointed but will do the depth you want!

Few more deepies!

(mrfishjersey): I'll find you some mate, if I forget then just phone me one day at work 01534 618886 and I will look though some lure books whilst youre on the phone.

hi..i have been trolling (i love that word) some american and australian...lure/plug a world of different plugs there are out there ...i came across some things called suspenda dots ( a flat round lead subistute) ..sticky on one side so they can be stuck to your plug or plug lip to add weight...mmm.. now im thinking..anyone tried theses..? i wonder how much a sliver would need to hit 30 + if they did they would be ideal..

also has anyone read or know of a book called `precision trolling` Mark Romanack..

(Dai56): Morning all Andy we have been talking about tuning lures i put up a thread about suspending lures also have a look at Kieths blog some food for thought there i can tell you
Hope this helps dai

i have thought about modifying some of my old jointed ones ..i have some rattlebacks i could load up with youve got me thinking..

(dai56): And if we all get thinking we will come up with some top ideas [and some not so great] the whole thing of tuning lures has realy got me thinking

i just typed in.. precision trolling by mark romanack in google..there several different editions of it one 157.00 dollors..oooh

best i write my own book..

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hi .. i do need to add a few `extras` so to speak to my trolling kit..and will get some devices to aide depth control..

i was just hoping i could get a jointed plug to do the task.. off the shelf so to speak..
i will buy a couple of other coloured deep tail dancers to use...while im searching..if not then i will seriously think about aiding the depth .
the blue tail dancer at work this time.
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