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Need some waders

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Been toying with the idea of getting some waders. Am going on business to US again soon.

If it worth getting something in UK or wait till I get to the states?

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Re: Need some waderes

Check out the Simms stuff out there - will be cheaper too :D
Re: Need some waderes

wow good shout. Many thanks for that. Going to get some simms boots to go with it as well.

Any reco which Sims kit is good?


Re: Need some waderes

I realy must get myself a better pair but for now my old fladen nylon ones will have to do i'm not keen on wading this time of year anyway in the summer it's a pair of light trousers[micro fibre] and trainer type boots
simms guide G4 and get them in the us (at least half the price)
have been using the g3`s for a few seasons now and the G4`s will be there replacement.
Anyone know where the main shops are in US?? Im going to be in NY for a week and then travelling about for another week in Jan.
Never been to NY, but everybody I know who has and is into fishing raves about the Urban Angler

You could shop online at Bass Pro, Cabelas etc. and have them delivered to where you are staying, but it's always useful to be able to try waders and boots on beforehand.

Check out waders and wading boots from Simms or Patagonia - these are the two best brands out there.

If they are too expensive, look at Orvis when you are over there.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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