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New front end article example

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Its nothing new to you guys but...

May help give newer guys an insight into my world.
I am submitting it here to go on the public viewable page.
It is on my blog but, as an indirect link that points to the existence of
with a short message as to what we are about, without giving away ANY specifics.

Have a read, I've kept it dead simple, let me know what you think.

This will require a PDF reader like adobe acrobat reader from here if you don't already have it.

Of course, if and when we get some web mag software, I'll use a different format.

So, come on guys, get to work and be creative. Lets show the globe what we are about
and what we can offer. I used Open Office 3.0 here
to create the PDF file and the Gimp to manipulate
the images.
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1st class introduction artical Keith , good pics etc nice one !! :lol:
Very good Keith, that has set a great standard to try and reach. Perfect start
yeah thats a great article Keith, Nice one.. :D
Great Stuff Keith.
I can't add anything that has not already been said
great artical dai
Just had a quick read through - fantastic article and to the point; just one thing to add - could do with clearer pictures - got any daytime skishing piccies to add?
got any daytime skishing piccies to add?
Not any m8, most all our skishing is at night when we all get together. Most day skishing is when i do
simple close quarters stuff and then, that is alone, making photo's impossible.

Next season we will.
my first reaction is the pictures aren't 'magazine quality' and the format seems a bit 'jumbled' but it may look better in the final version. Could you tow Henry around in an inflateable while skishing, if only to get some better pictures, then leave him when you need to catch some fish?!?!?! The content was very good and left me wanting to know more (which is the point!)
Great start. Well done.

Hi Keith, I think it looks great!

The only thing is that it's massive, at nearly 9Mb! I reckon you can easily get it down to 1 or 2 which would help load times and also allow people to email it if they wanted.

Give me a shout if you want me to have a go.

Well I enjoyed that very much. I love reading and learning from the posts on here.

Still think you skisherman are nutters!
File size reduced to under 1mb.

Magazine quality photo's ?

Just getting photo's m8 whilst getting towed around in fast current is a blessing.
No external light sources, everything is moving around, very hard to get indeed.

Henry is quite welcome to try to get some but, up to his armpits in water, chasing a
guy getting towed across a run raises your heart rate so he'd better start training LOL

My mission in life is to get a real reporter/writer like Henry out there, doing it, recording it
as an independent over a few days/nights. The only real way to write about it, or pass judgement
on skishing or night plugging is, to DO IT.

I'm sure loads of guys would be up for it if they could formulate an opinion based upon fact and
not perceived speculation.

Yea, sure, it might be seen to be scary by the masses but it really isn't if...

You go with someone who has done it
You are honest about your own capabilities
You don't over equip, worse than being minimal, trust me. Only take what you NEED.
You train, at least a little. Not alot of swimming is required on many runs but it helps to be
able to swim against fish pulling you away.
Have reasonable balance.
Have common sense.
Know when to quit.

As for this article, I just threw it together in around 30 minutes or so just as an example.
With higher quality pics etc and a format template to follow, yes, it could be improved and
I am intending to write alot more on skishing and a whole bunch of techniques and related
methods. The stuff that makes Skishing stand out over shore and boat fishing really.

So, watch out for that coming along with, next season sometime, a dvd, including a how to
skish, equipment, training, eating, planning along with special night vision footage.

Loads planned, you guys are only seeing the tip of the iceberg here so far.
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Sounds good - I just need to find time to get on over with you both!
Henry may be up for it - you never know!
Sounds sensible Keith.

It really does sound amazing. Very exciting and gives a whole new element to the enjoyment of fishing.

The fact that it seems to produce so well is a bonus IMO.

Now how much are those DSLR camera housings again...
Now how much are those DSLR camera housings again...
Seriously, someone would have to sacrifice the fishing part of skishing to photo journal it.

Camera equipment (of DSLR size and related peripherals ) AND fishing gear combined is just way too much
to worry about. You are restricted to quite a small working area when skishing.

Sounds good - I just need to find time to get on over with you both!
Henry may be up for it - you never know!
Alex, just pick medium sized tides m8. We'll get that TV hypnotist to work on Henry.
myfish said:
Seriously, someone would have to sacrifice the fishing part of skishing to photo journal it.
Yeah thats the hard part! Worth it in the end though, its always the same when you have a big camera but the results make up for it... usually.
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