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Hello from Zurich. It looks like my old membership may have lapsed through lack of use; work, family etc etc. Lesson learned.

Primarily a fly fisher, trout and sea trout.Started fishing as a young child catching Gudgeon, Roach and Perch. Then progressed to spinning and flyfishing as a 10 year old.

Bought some modern gear about 10 years ago; Daiwa Airity, Daiwa Certate 3000, Rarenium 4000 Ci4, Stradic 4000. All very nice gear but prefer the longer rods of my youth! Also bought two travel rods, a Snowbee Raptor 4 Piece 10-50gr Lure Rod and Master Craft Crostage something or other. Great for airlines.

As for baits, I realised that my J13s and Chug Bugs and Abu Costers were a bit dated even 10 years ago so I bought a load of Japanese Plugs and Shallow Divers. The prices were ridiculous🙈. I only get to fish for bass once or twice a year so my gear is overkill for the time I put in. But, I won’t need to buy anything for quite some time. I catch more mackerel than bass but I can live with that.
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