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New, old and interested!

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Hello all.

I'm new to the forum, and lure fishing. Maybe I'll explain a little how I got here, and that should give you a clue to the kind of help I'll need? Now at 70, I supposed I've fished for most species of the larger kind, we were once called specimen hunters in the day. Now I'm finding I need shorter trips, and cannot carry much tackle. Bad hips and knees from years of wading, and just general old age.

I watched a clip on You-Tube by Angling Direct, showing light lure fishing for Perch. Perch are a species I've longed to catch bigger than my own PB, but also as it involves little tackle and a go any minute routine, no bait required. The walking might do me good too, as I'm a little overweight. Normally, I'd be trotting on the Trent at this time of year, but all the better spots demand a walk, and tackle, too much.

So, I will go now out the tackle thread, and tell you what I have acquired, rod and reel. You can tell me if its going to do what I want. Then I'll ask a load of questions that most novices do, after doing a search so as not to upset anyone on done to death post?

Best regards to all. Dick.
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