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New purchases lure's

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Oh well here goes confession time
I went out last night to the local had a couple of nice pints in good company
Well i got home checked the forum then checked my emails found one from my friends in poland HERE
WEll to cut a short story shorter i bought some Spro power catchers flex one in black widow one silver shad 35g

Some Salmo slims one sl135se one 135tb

And a Salmo sting 125sp bl suspending

I must stop doing this mind 5 lures delivered for 34.14 euro's is not bad
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I've got one of the salmo stings dai, garry evans stocks them (i think?),, haven't got round to using it yet though.
This is what salmo say about them

Sharp and fast, but at the same time precise and obedient - the STING always hits its target. And the target is always the same - catching another trophy fish. With its classic shape and economical movement, it performs excellently, both in the flowing waters that we had in mind when we designed this lure, and in lakes and reservoirs. A built-in rattle increases its attractiveness to fish - especially under low-visibility conditions (night, murky water). Besides, this is the only SALMO lure available in a Suspending version! The STING family consists of three sizes of lures in the Floating and Suspending versions.

i know they are freshwater lures but they may do the job with a hook change
Oh my i have just noticed this page Here
do they do the first spro power black widow in smaller sizes dai? say 25grm
mad one said:
do they do the first spro power black widow in smaller sizes dai? say 25grm
Oh yes all sizesHere you go
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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