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Night fishing in Sussex

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continuing my education in lure fishing....!

I see posts (mainly from the west country and the channel islands) about lure fishing at night. I have caught caught bass on baits at night in the sussex area but given the poor water clarity here I feel that it would be an uphill battle to expect bass to find a lure in our murky waters. I know that sight is only one of the senses used by bass to find food but is it worth trying surface lures or even subsurface lures when visibility is generally so poor?
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Like Pugs,
In clear water night fishing works a treat in sussex. I have had some success on shingle beaches after dark, inparticularly with rattling/jointed lures.
Don't get too depressed by coloured water, if the bass are there, they will still take lures. A word of warning, in coloured water the bass are often VERY close to the shore. A large number of times, I have spooked bass that were right in the margins. Even crunching the pebbles will spook them.
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