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NO BASS but...

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Went out for the last two days and fished 3 marks hard, but not a bass to be seen here on the Isle of Wight.

Few terns working in the distance on the second mark, but not a lot of action.

Good news was had a cracking Wrasse to about 2 1/2 lb this morning on a Jackson Artist FR80. Cracking little lure that casts a mile considering its size.

No photos I`m afraid cos I took so long to get the bl.... treble out, that the fish had to go back pronto. Went back O.K. in the end.

Unfortunately, the Artist was one lure I had neglected to crush the barbs on, probably due to the hooks being small.

Spending tomorrow going through my entire collection and checking they are all crushed good and proper-lesson learnt early season.
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Good effort Dave!

Still don't think its proving easy unless you catch it at just the right time (seems to be dawn/dusk/night around here. I was out for a while today in bright sunshine and a bit too much swell. Really tough. I did more walking than fishing to be fair, but it was difficult to have too much faith when a bait was in the water. Just didn't seem right. Had it been warmer though....

Won't be long til you get one now!!
Yep, won`t be long now. After 2 hours wading couldn`t feel my feet- just reminds you how cold the water still is!
Nice one Dave. Just come back from a little sesh down gurnard/cowes. Big tail splash about 5 metres away from me (mullet I think) but that's all there was to be seen. Just nice to be out.

Did you get that Jackson lure from Mr Fish? What colour have you got?
Great news m8.

IME: the Jackson FR series is awesome. It's one for the universal lure bag imho.
Fair play for getting out there dave, it seems a general consensus at the mo, that we are still a little behind temps wise on last year. But it seems things are happening all over, so the chances will improve as we move into early may.
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Got em on Ebay from private seller abroad m8- got 2 one bluey grey, other sandeel. Got the wrasse yesterday on the bluey one.

Off out to try one of the rivers- now do I bump a finesse worm?, no, I`ll fish a fly under a bombarda, no, I`ll drop shot a soft plastic, Christ I have learnt so much I don`t know what to try first!!
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