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not 1 not 2 but 3!

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Well after many of times fishing in different locations and not catching i decided to fish the tidal river by my house(5 min walk from my house).
I was using a CD5 siver shiner rapala all evening and was hoping to perhaps catch a few sewin.
About an hour into to it, i had one hell of a bite and my rod bent in 2, i thought excellent got a sea trout on, but to great pleasure it was a bass! Not a great size(1 and half lb) and the fight was not for long, but this was my 1st lure caught bass on a lure, so even if was alot bigger it would not of mattered to me.
The next ten mins i had to have a cigarette just to calm down!
well lady luck was shining on me because the next few casts i caught another 2 small bass.
This was a great day for me today and now that i have wet the babys head, i now have confidence to catch some more! :-D
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:clap: :D Superb work Dom - you'll be super confident from here on in, and that will make all the difference !!!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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