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After a flurry of PM's over the last couple of days I drove the odd 50 miles at 5.30 am to meet NeverEnoughFishing and Tunny at Shoreham for a spot of plugging in possibly the worst conditions I have been out in ... 30-40mph gusts and driving rain showers ... yuk!

After about a dozen or so casts Tunny was in - lovely little spikey schoolie to save the day from a blank on a sardine Tide Minnow 120 (if I am correct?) ... and then off to the cafe for a bacon sarnie and a coffee (I owe you one NEF!)

Great to meet the guys and actually get out on a horrible November morning!

Roll on December!

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Pasted from the other forum:

well done guy's,the weather here was pant's yet again.


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Joined: 17 Nov 2009
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Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:24 pm Post subject:


Yeap rain, howling wind, more rain, even more wind (you get the idea)
Spotted a bit of nervous water and got lucky (boy am I wearing out my four leafed clover) and managed a pretty but pint sized bass. Hey MrFish the SLD-F in H134 still works
Really good to meet you Jordonis3r, can't quite believe you drove all that way to fish in the rain with us, but year when the weather right I will show you some GOOD spots
Many thanks for the Oh so welcomed coffee and bacon butty, your a gent, my shout next time. And we still have to sort those flatties out

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Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:53 pm Post subject:


Great to see you guys getting out, nice one. I had to take the monster in law out to Sunday lunch today with the kids and let the Mrs have her peace and quiet to get her assignment done. I must have been real bad in a previous life.

Four leaf clover my ar55


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Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:47 am Post subject:


Well done boys - hats off to you. I tried this weekend but the conditions beat us. Cabin fever is setting in, and with this week's continuing wet & windy weather, I think that is pretty much my season over...

Tim Griffin

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neverenoughfishing (saltiga)

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Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:43 pm Post subject:


I checked the forum at about 6.20am to make sure there were no messages to say they weren't going to make it so I had no choice!!!!
I home some new toys to try out too. New Greys G series chesties and a new rod......

The rod is excellent but completely overwhelmed in the conditions. Just had a Lamiglas 3 piece 8-17lb popping rod built. Very nice. It should make a very good soft plastics and light plugging rod plus it will easily go in a suitcase. No excuses for not taking it on any trips. Mind you that is travel rod number 8 in my armoury!!!!

Will put up some pics and a better review in due course.

As the guys said the weather was truly attrocious, proper horizontal rain and not just light rain either. The least I could do was get you guys a bacon sarnie after putting you through that!!!! Well done Tunny for finding a schoolie in those conditions.

Great to meet you Alex and very envious listening to you and Tunny swapping stories of Tuna and screaming drags. One day.....
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