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not about fishin but ya need to know!!!!

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guys,how many of you own an lcd long have you had it?my old fella bought a toshiba 46inch 15 months ago and its got dreaded red line..arrrr!nearly a grand of tv! panel about to go!if your offered an extended warranty make sure it covers the panel and take it.replacement panel is worth more than the dads so lucky,its a design fault plus they cant replace it as they dont make it anymore...full refund :jump: .what so funny is he hasnt a clue whats goin on because he cant see the red line[cataracts] and somebodys goin to walk in and take his fellas check your receipt and see when your 12 months is up,its not just toshiba cos i know a few samsungs that have the dreaded red line :bangin: :bangin:
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I'm hoping to buy a LCD tele very soon, I think they are better than LED? Is that true?
LED, mick is only additional side lighting around the edge of the screen...
Added extra cost to the tv ??? so i was told ..
Ended up getting the Lcd samsung 40"
lol - had a Samsung LDC TV for over 4 yrs and its still going strong (32") - the sammy LED ultrathin screens are top of my wishlist at the moment yumm!
Yeah its one of these ultra thin ones I been thinking about, Nelson recons tghey are the business.
I've got Plasma and LCD.
Plasma screens get hot.

LCD screens, at least cheaper ones have a narrow viewing angle.
been lookin at the panasonic plasma today,looks nice.never had plasma before,do you rate yours keith?is it true you can burn the screens by leaving your dvd on .
I bought a 40" Samsung LCD a few months back. Awesome picture on HD inparticular . . but the sound is shite. I had to buy a surround sound system to sort it out, and make the sound as good as the picture - awesome now though !! Chest-cavity vibrates with the Bass !!! Oh yeh !!! :wackit:
I got a Sony 46" LCD tv a couple of years ago that is HDMI connected for full HD viewing and its brilliant.
I run it at 1080i for Sky HD and 1080p for the BluRay movies etc and the picture is amazing.
We have ours on the wall and angled down so that we are looking straight at it,the only thing I would do differently next time is I will go for one even bigger.70" is what I would like :muttley: :)
if i fell into a bucket of tits id come out sucking my own knob :cry: guys had a new telly for dad :D now the washing machine has flooded my one hand out the other :bangin: :bangin:
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