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One Plug Challenge

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I was chatting to Kev last night about this. Maybe it was the freezing cold that sprouted
the idea but...

Each month, we nominate a plug. one plug only, in one size and colour. If you loose yours, you can replace
it but, with exactly the same plug.

It will be a 'formula', like in car racing. Everyone uses the same one but, you can modify it, weight it
oil fill it, alter it's bib and change hooks...etc

I wonder how many of us have enough faith to choose 1 plug and learn to fish it properly.

We could choose to nominate a new plug, no advantage then, order a load in, send em out and
reap the benefits of a hundred guys all fishing one plug but in various places, colours etc

Sounds crazy I know but I like it.
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Doesn't sound crazy to me, MyFish,
Bet you end up with loads of guys all fishing the same lure slightly differently, could throw up some interesting findings as well.
That would be a good idea. AND can even help beginners get use to fishing that specific lure. :jump:
Sounds like a laugh - so you would just declare the fish you had caught on the one plug and compare notes?
Sounds fun!

Can we not make it a Feed Shallow though?! I've never actually caught on one! :lol: :stupid:

I reckon something cheaper and cheerful could make it a bit more interesting. We all catch on... what shall we call them?... "the top 5", because we all have them and use them. (Tide Minnows, FS's etc etc....) What about something that tests the success of a more middle of the road plug? We might catch les fish but ........ we might surprise ourselves, and not! Be an interesting test.
X-RAP ? I recall Keith or Kev saying how 'adaptable' it was, so potential for a few different mods to be made to it. Affordable at about £8-9 as well, even cheaper from US
I think we can have a poll.

Choose a plug per month and go from there.

Everyone must only count fish caught on that plug.

So, a list of candidates (keep it real and lets have some new ones too)


We could have a calendar made up for 2011 (the lure forum) with the best fish caught on the plug of the month
on each page. Sell them to members and generate some revenue to keep this place running.

How about it ?

We need 12 candidates.

xrap, feed shallow have been mentioned already.

new ones as well though guys, we need a new hot favourite for 2010
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If we want something new for 2010 (new to most of us anyway) then perhaps the Zip Baits 123F or 139F? I've only tried the 15F (a very chunky lure) but the finish and performance and finish is excellent! Although it goes against my budget idea slightly. More in line with Duo etc.

Also the Eclipse Variant Drift. Be interesting to see what people can do with it.
Daiwa Saltiga 145 would be on my list :) :) :)
I'd like to nominate the OSP Rudra

all for the variant pencil too and the zip baits.

I'd like to add a short crankbait in there too, a 3" stubby model, maybe a bomber model B

Lets get a bunch of lures in, then we'll vote.
- Megabass X-140SW
- Megabass Edonis
- Megabass Flap Slap
- Eclipse Variant Drift Pencil
- Jackson Athlete
- Lucky Craft Sea Finger (loving them so far)
- IMA Sasuke (I'd recommend the Gyodo but the Sasuke is a shallower allrounder)
- Daiwa Salt Pro 150?
- Daiwa TD Minnow?

....although I'm going down one path mostly, what about creating a list of completely different types of lure. Minnows, soft baits, a spinner bait, topwater.... etc etc. So that we all spend a month (if we feel like it) getting to know a type of lure we might not have used before?
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How about a Maria Chase BW

Also not seen Smith Lures mentioned enough. The Saruna 125F looks amazing in the water, the little ones liked it a while back. Could be modded as well.
How about the Bomber long As and the Heddon Super spook?
Sebile Magic Swimmer?

Good 'ol sluggo, plenty of jighead skullduggery scope there!
Are SPs allowed? I thought it was hard lures? Otherwise it wouldn't be a fair fight :lol:

BTW re the Sluggo, have you tried chopping off the nose vertically and rigging it texan to see if you pop it?
Hard baits only I reckon.

No reason not to run a SP alongside though.

We'll vote on 12 candidates soon and what months they are valid for.
Or, should that be randomised ?
It sounds like an interesting experiment.
Once we have nominated a plug for the month, how do we go about sourcing them? Some are only available overseas and if we are all to use the same colour we may have trouble getting enough for everybody. Any suggestions?

Are we expected to fish this lure to the exclusion of all others? Or just to keep track of the results when we do use it? Not every plug will be suitable for all venues. A lot of the venues we fish are shallow, so we don't want to be forced to use deep divers.

Some of the lures I would nominate are:
Daiwa Chugger Minnow - feed shallow type lure 10 or 12cm
Daiwa Saltiga Minnow 120 or 140
Daiwa TD Pencil - lots of sizes available
ABU Toby? or strictly plugs?
IMA Komomo 11
IMA Honey TRap 95S

A few others but my list is getting a bit long already....

This is a great idea for lots of reasons, especially if you like the look of a lure but not sure if you are fishing it right.
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I would nominate the humble chug bug. Apparently everyone used to catch on them but nobody does any more. Would be good to se if they actually do still catch.
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