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Oriental Anglers 2009 top selling lures

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Quit an interesting list :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Yeah, spotted that earlier actually. I reckon that if the SLS17 was available here then that would/should appear near the top of any list in the UK as well. Brilliant!
Dear Santa,
Please beat the muppets at Daiwa UK until they bring in a far greater range of lures than they do. And if they won't get Rudolf to give them a chinese burn. :muttley:

Seriously the SLS17 looks cracking, and reports on some of the spainish blogs have already called it a classic must have plug.
Tunny said:
Dear Santa,
Please beat the muppets at Daiwa UK until they bring in a far greater range of lures than they do. And if they won't get Rudolf to give them a chinese burn. :muttley:

Seriously the SLS17 looks cracking, and reports on some of the spainish blogs have already called it a classic must have plug.
I'd totally agree. I really think that Daiwa would have been near the top of your poll had the SLS17 been readily available here. I only got my first one towards the end of September(ish) but it's been my best catching plug ever since. Really can't fault them.
Tunny said:
Dear Santa,
Please beat the muppets at Daiwa UK until they bring in a far greater range of lures than they do. And if they won't get Rudolf to give them a chinese burn. :muttley:

Seriously the SLS17 looks cracking, and reports on some of the spainish blogs have already called it a classic must have plug.
I could not agree more :badlol: :badlol: :badlol:
Start forum petitions.

send to companies who have gear available elsewhere, get them to see hundred's of names..

better than just moaning about it.

Start a sticky, name 1 company, list your wants, copy the list, email it. Job done.

Those that listen, might benefit.
Gone one better than that, both Saltiga and myself have spoken/emailed Daiwa. With regards to their lure gear. After all Daiwa do the lot, rods, reels, braids, plugs, leader, tools etc.
Sadly they seem to think their is no market (even I asked to check on just how many plugs daiwa uk had sold this year-especially as some of the plugs have been sold out for half of the season). Even after pointing out that Daiwa France and Daiwa Spain both seem to think there is a big enough market (both countries have EXPANDED their plugging range this year!!!).Even asked them if they would consider a special order system for japanese products (they have monthly shipments), prepay and they could add it to the next delivery-but they just weren't interested.
Frankly it begins to feel like your banging your head against the wall. And makes you realise how blo*dy lucky we are to have MrFish.

That is quite a sad tale.

A case of them telling us what to buy instead of supplying what we want.
Yeah MyFish Sad is the word.
Especially given that setting up a preordering system won't cost them anything, and net them more turn over, and a better idea of what fishermen in the UK want. Cost free market research anyone???
I have some SLS17s along with 14s and 12s which arrived today from PLAT. Woohoo, bleeding pilchard anyone?!?! The SLS 12 and 14 are to all intents and purposes the same as the equivalent Saltiga Minnows but we get a very limited range of colours. the bleeding Pilchard is my current 'must have' colour for this type of lure. There are loads more colours available in Japan along with loads more Daiwa minnow type lures that aren't even shown on the mainstream Japanese websites.
I have also just received some Japanese saltwater magazines which contain a few different articles about lure fishing for Seabass. Lots of lures are shown, some seem generic minnow patterns which are difficuklt to identify exactly but in virtually all of them are IMA Kimomo 125s in some colour or other. That seems far more popular than the Feed Shallow but it isn't a poll of any sort. What is interesting is that there is a lure which seems very popular out there which looks very similar to a Feed Shallow and made by a company called Reed not Tackle House.

Dave and myself have had the conversation about Daiwa so many times. I have had 40 minute chats with the guy who is supposedly the product manager and he is very attentive but seems to think he knows more about what we need than we do..... :bangin: The sad thing is that in France they have their own Branzino rods, Japanese LRF (Light Rockfish Rods) all sorts of other salt and freshwater bass kit that we see nothing of. But I am not going to let it rest. I will be back in contact with him again in the new year about getting hold of some of the kit that makes it into France.
They are preoccupied with carp, match and general sea kit but that is because they BELIEVE that is where their market is. A real chicken and egg situation.
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Can you imagine how frustrated I feel that daiwa wont give me an account? Maybe they realise that if I had one I would be constantly hassling them for better products from Japan, I really would. Talk about banging your head against a wall, I have conversations with Shimano, they seem to totally agree with me and say yeah we will see what we can do......and what happens? Nothin. God help us, its a sad state of affairs when the customers know what they want and the companies cant keep up. And as for the Daiwa stuff, crazy that they have the gear but wont let us have any.
It has been my belief for a while now that bass fishing in the UK will continue to be driven forward by the "little" that I mean that the big tackle companies tend not to have the ability or the specialist knowledge to be able to move fast, change tack and listen to grassroots anglers. It is not a criticism of bigger companies, rather my findings that larger organisations are somewhat more lumbered by structured ways of doing things and can't deviate easily. Asking a company like Daiwa to bring in some (very nice looking) lures to the UK is an easy thing to you and I, but to a large company who is planning months or even years ahead - not easy.

Frustrates the hell out of me if you want my honest opinion, but what really struck me in Nantes last year was the number of what I might term "non-major" players who were the ones offering all the innovation and good gear. I see the same thing happening here.

MUch as well love our bass fishing, the belief amongst the "major players" still seems to be that it's a relatively small, "faddy" kind of thing - personally I reckon this is complete garbage, and I have my own personal feelings about what might happen over the next few years. It's the smaller organisations who I believe are going to be at the forefront of what is going on, and I reckon that is fantastic. All credit to the guys doing what they do and long may it continue.

What Mick says in his last post is sadly somewhat indicative of the larger tackle companies in the UK. I really, really wish it was not that way, but the market is still percieved as being a "6oz beachcaster, two rods in a tripod" kind of thing. We are learning more and more about what is out there and we are being forced to buy it in from abroad. How daft is that ? As Mick says, a company like Daiwa has some decent bass fishing gear, but I would hazard a guess that Daiwa UK don't even know this gear exists. Don't make the mistake of thinking that all the different worldwide arms of these kinds of companies spend all week talking to each other. I will never forget seeing and using an awesome (unamed) muliplier on the beach in Namibia a few years back and really wanting to get hold of one. I asked the UK version of the company when I got back and told them I reckoned they might sell well - and I then had to tell that company all about the reel because they had never even heard of it !! Beating your head against a brick wall is a requirement of working in UK fishing at times.......................I have the scars to prove it.
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I have worked for a large tackle shop in the UK, whilest there One of the areas I was responsible for was the lure/plug section. I brought Yo-Zuri/Duel lures into the UK at a time when hardly anyone had heard of them. I spoke to their european agent, ordered and within two weeks we received the first of many deliveries.
It really isn't hard for any tackle company to access products from other areas, in fact the companies encourage it.
Daiwa ALREADY receive products from japan, in fact they already cannot keep up with demand-so many companies were out of stock on daiwa lures this summer. No one is asking them to jump in and invest in tens of thousands of pounds worth of stock. But to try increasing the products available. Very little cost/risk to them.A preorder system is dead easy to set up, I used to do it for niche high end saltwater flyfishing and flytying goods, that wouldn't be worth stocking, but as a service to our customers was very worth doing.
Sadly many tackle companies suffer from Ivory Tower mentality, by which I mean they think they know what people want, without ever bothering to listening to their customers.
Henry as you know doubt know, Veals seem to be alot better than many companies. They have spotted the increase in sales of plugs/plugging gear. And have increased the selection of products they stock. Frankly if some of the major players can't or won't supply demand then they will lose sales to the internet. Something in these hardwer times I think they will come to regret.
So I will support those companies that do try and support plugging, be it MrFish, Ultimate, Sakura, Veals, MonsterTackle,BassLures. The more we support these companies, the more sway they will have with the major tackle companies, and in the long run.We will get the products we want. Until then there is always Plats.
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Tunny - could not agree more about the Ivory Tower mentality. It drives me mad being told what I want without actually being asked.

As regards a company like Veals Mail Order (who I have the utmost respect for) - I am on about the mentality of the large tackle companies, of which Veals is not one. They are more of a mail order "shop" who have gone their own way on some things because they have seen a niche and spotted trends. All credit due.

Note that the companies you mention with regards to supporting are all what I would term "small" to perhaps "medium" companies - perhaps this backs up what I was saying ? The big boys simply do not have procedures or structures in place to canvass grassroots opinions and wants/needs.
On the topic of Daiwa, what seems even more frustrating is that those products we can get our hands on (when in stock!) have been very effective and also really good value for money. Their costs compare favourably to many others and I know that for many bass anglers (me included), cost is an issue. We all know why the dearer plugs are dear, and that they work brilliantly, but if you can get equally effective lures from a big name manufacturer at a good price you would assume that they volumes they could shift would be significant.
Maybe this could be a serious campaign for this forum? If we all email them, and if we can get the tackle dealers to hassle more and get accounts for importing and distributing a wider range, we can increase the choice available to the UK bass angler? Internet Crusade anyone??
I have spoken to the 'product manager' at Daiwa a couple of times and e-mailed him many times. He knows exactly what we want, why we want it and where we currently get it from. That much I do know. What I don't know is why they genuinely believe they are servicing our needs. Like I said in an earlier post I will contact him again in the new year and try and pursue it further. I have even tried very hard to help Mick in this respect but so far to no avail. I don't know what they need. It may be that they consider the people like me, who are in their world completely unknown, aren't influencial enough to listen to and not truly representative of the lure fishing world in general.
What I hope doesn't happen is that Shimano steal a march on them with their new Seabass gear from Japan. Why do I hope that doesn't happen? Because in Japan Daiwa are very well established in the Seabass world and it looks like Shimano are copying everybody or buying companies like Rapala to capture market share. Development versus buying/copying others.
I am sure we will get what we want in the end. It may just not be where we expect it from.
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