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Patchinko how do you work yours

Discussion in 'Surface Lures' started by {name}, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Snapper

    N Wales
    Then I appologise to you also Dave, I got the wrong end of the stick. Please accept my appologies for being defensive and shirty.
    I do appreciate your comments and know I have much to learn.
    Videos's actually help me a fair bit, as I fish mostly solo. I also used to watch Go Fishing alot when I was a nipper and put what I saw John Wilson doing into practice, it helped me learn how to play fish, rig, cast and many other things. I guess I tend to learn by watching others, better than I do by reading and have picked up a habit, I suppose I then just pass on what I have found helpful.

    Obviously there is no substitute for getting out there and experiencing it. There are things you learn while fishing almost without knowing it and it helps build an increasingly detailed picture of other wildlife and fish behaviour and I feel this is the best resource for your/my fishing.
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  2. Sea Trout 2015 Bass Challenge Winner

    Dave and lee you certainly have proved the beauty of this forum in an honest and open way , i think its what acellerates the amount of knowledge we are are all able to gain and share.
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  3. Amberjack

    Bandit Country

    two words to say

    Robert Taylor
  4. this forum is the top for info and friendship it a credit to you all thanks for all your help keep it coming :-D
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  5. Pollock

    hayle cornwall
    seconded! read a few threads recently on another forum where anglers attitude towards each other and oneupmanship defies belief.nice one dave and lee for not turning the thread into childish slagging off session. re the patchinko.i like fishing it fairly hard but retrieving slowly.seems to work better for me bouncing around a bit.
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  6. Sea Trout

    Angesey, Wales
    All different ways and styles of fishing the lure and what works for one may not work for another. Time of year and conditions also have a lot to do with how to work the lure, try different styles and see what works best for you in your area and good luck.
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  7. Striper

    Penmaenmawr,North Wales
    Couldnt agree more Tony....;)

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    Its a strange one with top lures,Wtd lures very rarely taken static .Poppers around 80 percent of my bass will take it after a miss and leaving it static(injured bait fish).Wtd lures work well static with slight v wake(almost static) at night....bloody bass are like women..never know what they want :)
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