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Pb for Bob

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Hi all just had the news Bob BL888 is a dad to a bouncing baby boy Born today at 5.20pm
a personal best of 7lb Both baby and mum doing well and should be home tomorrow
the baby's name Alexander
Pass the bottle dai
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Well done - best wishes to you and the family!
Nice one on the pb Bob.......are you getting it stuffed and mounted on the wall :eek: :shock: :eek: :shock: ;)
Hopefully Bob will be back when he wakes up it was apparently a long labour he said no sleep for 48 hours so with any luck he will be back on today mabee with some pics, for us i'm still buzzing it's like having another grandson
cheers all dai
Fantastic, Bob. A lunker called Alexander, which is a great name btw because it's my middle name.

Alexander the Great!

The great blanker in my case.
Congratulations, best wishes all round
congratulations,best wishes to all
Congrats to you and your family - the Z Claw would work as a rattle for him im sure?? (trebles removed of course). Start `em` early!!!!!
Congratulaions Bob and all the best to your family, I had some little babies being posted through the door, can't cuddle them though as they have hooks all over them !!!!!!
Brilliant. The first "next generation" forum member? Its not long before your kids are catching more than you, trust me!
Well done Bob. got to be a seasons best that. :D :D :D
Congratulation, nice one :) :) :)
Well done buddy !!!
Congratulations. Our little one is 7 weeks now and I'm loving it so far.
Well done to you and the Mrs, hope your all getting some rest
Congratulations on your new arrival,good luck & good health to you all.
Hi All

Many many thanks to all for the kind words. Its been manic and still getting use to having an extra person around :D

Thanks for the post Dai and it definitely is a personal best for me so far. hahahahahhah

Thanks once again

Welcome back Bob you look after your good lady and the little one and don't forget yourself while doing it good to see you back
cheers dai
Bobby boy well done mate, I didnt know you were expecting, great news. Thats Nathan, you, Broony and Stan (Ultimate Fishing) that have all had babies in the last few weeks!! See what happens when we are not fishing much around february time!! Best wishes to you and your family Bobby.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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