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One night last week we were out and Mark hand lined a fish up St Caths wall for me. I was using PE 0.8 4 strand. I don't think the line size will have any bearing on this so...

HEED this warning !!

On that night, I must have not returned the line on the reel properly lower down or perhaps wound in some slack. On a cast later that night I threw a huge braid knot. Lost maybe 30 meters of line. No matter. I cut it out, believe me, it was nasty. When I was cutting the line back I noticed area's where the line was lifted in the meshing of the strands. I just thought nothing of it.

So, last night, fishing away nice and quietly I caught the line around the back of my neoprene gloves. You know, the ones with the velcro back fingers etc.
It was windy and of course PE 0.8 is mighty light weight and thin. I got annoyed with the stuck line and tried to shrug it off.

This is when i noticed it.

As the line left the back of the glove, it shredded. The fibers in the Velcro are splitting the braids apart and, it is abrasive enough to take out the individual fibers. I stripped back a good meter of braid easily after contact with the Velcro.

I wasn't bothered by any of this because the line was old and already short from that previous engagement so I repeated the experiment.

It takes hardly ANY effort to get Velcro to split and ultimately destroy braided PE so be careful.
For me, I'm carrying 5 or 6 spools anyway, I don't care. Alot of this line is 'testing' or review stuff so it didn't hit the pocket.

As you know, PE gets more expensive as it gets thinner. 4 strand, 8 strand, it don't matter. It all costs money and many of you won't have the spares i carry so I'm giving you the heads up.

So, to be sure, we need to bin those Velcro gloves and make certain even heavier braids don't contact the material. On heavier line I was left wondering about a recent crack-off I had blamed upon granite contact. It's been windy. Has the line been in or across the velcro and I just didn't notice it ?

I don't know, but I do know now.

And so do you. Hope this helps you somehow.

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I didn't see that, sorry Andy.
I wish I had though..
I missed that too. Thanks for the heads up. With the price of x8 you don't want to be getting too many wind knots either!

At the weekend Mike pointed out some heavy popping/jigging braid (80lb or 90lb I think it was) at something like €300 per spool. Mike will remember better than me.
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