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The boat section for the Pembrokeshire Lure festival is open to both private and charter vessels, and as with the other 2 sections once you have match cards / sign in for the weekend you are able to start fishing.

In recent years the majority (but not all) boats depart from numerous points along the Milford Haven waterway, mainly due to mooring / marina waterside facilities, although there are numerous slip ways where private vessels can be launched / recovered from all over the county, some are free some are a small charge, ALL access some cracking lure fishing marks. Visiting boats are welcome.

For initial info on Charter vessels in the area, some offering 'deal' rates for individual / groups
of boat anglers see HERE.

For info on potential slipways and launch points for private vessels, please contact us through website HERE

There are some restrictions within the boat section, some for safety some are fishery legislation, these are:
Full competition rules can be viewed HERE, scroll through for the boat section.

For the boat section there are some out of bounds areas, these are:

1. From the Southern most end of Freshwater West beach to St Govans Head (area Firing ranges)
2. Pennar Gut by Pembroke Powerstation
3. Within 150m of ANY Jetty in use on the Milford haven waterway (eg oil, gas)
4. Fishing within any marina.

Apart from them, free to travel wherever you like, along the Pembrokeshire coast from Amroth to Poppit sands.
Max distance off shore somewhat weather dependent, although we have placed a 15 mile max cruise limit. All vessels to liaise with Milford Haven Coast guard (VHF Ch 16) regarding passage plans and ETR.

To maximize your on water time we suggest signing in on the Friday... once you have match cards you can start fishing in section immediately. All match cards and photo evidence must be presented to the festival team in Dale (SA62 3RB) Sunday 19th June Noon - 2pm. No cards will be accepted for any reason after 2pm. Presentation to follow at approximatly 3pm, outside the Boat House cafe.

Dale pontoon access is possible for Sunday 19th June, from approx 1pm for vessels with a draft of 1.5 - 2 ft.. Vessels can use visitor pontoon in the bay to wait for sufficient depth, we will run a water taxi for any vessels doing this if required, which are waiting for sufficient depth to reach main pontoon. Any vessel owner wishing to do this can book a water taxi at a sign in session.

Following the presentation the local vicar is available to 'bless' any vessels for the coming season as part of Dale's Sea Sunday event taking place in the village after the Prize presentation. Just in case anyone needs some divine intervention later in the season. the church apparently needs some help with their roof.....

Boat section entry fees: Friday - Sunday.

Adult (over 16) £20 plus £5 optional Pool (60/40, 1,2 split)
Junior (under 16) £FREE.
Boat pairs + £5 per angler (£10 / pair)

Pre register & pre pay entries (you get free stuff if you do this options) SEE HERE

Suggested sign in session for the weekend will be:
OR Saturday 18th June @ Anglers Corner, Milford Haven, 8-10am.

Prizes for number of individual species, plus combined length, plus individual species lengths.

eg: 7 species for 103 cms beats 6 species for 104cms.
angler A) 5 species for 105cms Angler B) 5 species for 106cm, angler B wins.
Points to separate in event of a tie, if still tied, prize shared.

Main prizes HERE (in addition there is a prize for the Longest Ballan Wrasse)

Questions: [email protected]

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