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Just a quick one.
We have listened to a few kayak anglers following some research...

Primary Kayak Zone: Dale Bay: Sheltered, easy launch, plenty of hard standing car parking, access to deep water, wrecks, reefs, stronger tides in places, known watersports area with full safety vessel coverage all weekend, from Noon Friday 17th to Noon Sunday 19th June. 5 mins from Kayak camping area. launch point close to cafe & shop, watersports centre (one of the kayak section reg points)

Secondary kayak Zone: St Brides Beach: Coastal, easy launch, free car park (gets very congested), 10 min drive from kayak section camping area, access to deep water and lots of the right ground, Well known local Kayak and snorkelling beach / bay, and is reasonably sheltered from SW swells and wind EXCEPT anything NW... Safety / support vessel only in this area on Saturday 18th June 8am - 6pm, although other local vessels are less than 3 miles away if needed outside of these times.(from Martins Haven). The festival team reserves the right in the ineterests of safety to close this zone if weather prevents safe fishing.

Anywhere else: Your choice at your own risk. However if you have been to the area before, and wish to explore it, do so responsibly. We cannot cover every bay on the coast with safety vessels.
(as much as we would like to)

Camping Area: Dale Hill Farm Campsite £10 per tent (sensible size tent), or per van / camper. per night.
Hot showers, usual campsite additions and a wow factor view. Phone reception and 3g here. Lots of space open to bookings or simply just turn up.

Insurance: Festival has third party public liability through Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers & affiliated clubs of that, whilst you are fishing. Details will be advised at event sign in session. We do not cover for personal accident, we suggest you take out a travel insurance policy with watersports add on to cover for any potential issue in this case / potential for personal equipment losses.

kayak section starts as soon as you are signed in, which you MUST do in person even after you have pre registered / Pre paid. You can pre reg / pay online HERE. Adult Kayak entry for the weekend or Sat & sunday morning is £20pp. Juniors under 16 (if there are any are FREE).

Must have items are: PFD, Basic safety kit, (flares / mobile phone / hand held VHF) plus any sensible safety kit that is generally covered by the term 'common sense'. In addition, you MUST HAVE a measuring tape, camera device and a waterproof marker pen.

Sign in sessions will be advised to anyone when they have pre registered / pre paid, plus any safety briefings we will be conducting for the weekend.

You cannot receive match cards or fish pic photo cards until you have signed in in person.
Once pre registered we will send out match rules, some local info etc.

Any other questions, please: [email protected]
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