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planning a holiday

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myself and a couple of friends are planning a long weekend away in June to go plugging in cornwall. anyone got any suggestions as to where we might base ourselves? thought between padstow and tintagel perhaps. obviously not looking for info on marks.

any campsite ideas welcome or anyone want to meet up and show us the ropes for a pint.

we have planned last week of june - is this a sensible time for bass in cornwall? it seems looking at blogs/ reports that anytime of the yr is fine.

new to plugging last yr and have had a couple of reasonable fish on the dorset coast but fancied a trip to the south west this yr.

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Little Dinham Farm is cracking little camp site near Rock. Nice and relaxed, no club house or bar, so no late night rowdyness and he lets you have a camp fire!
Close to plenty of very good looking coastline.
I'll be going there a few times this summer.
Have fun.
Hi Rich.

Definitely a good time of year to come down I reckon.

The best area to stay may depend a bit on your fitness I reckon?! Apart from easy, well known marks around Polzeath, north of there up to Tintagel is generally quite rugged - with long walks in between marks - although it is a stunning area with plenty of (occasionally BIG) fish! Like I say, Polzeath is easy access, but perhaps limited to about a mile of coastline. Padstow side of the river (where I am) is somewhere in between. There is probably more of a selection of fishable spots than around Polzeath, and quite a bit of variety in them too - so I'd recommend staying around here (but I might be a bit biased!) :aarrg:
thanks for the replies - i had thought to stay either round padstow or polzeath or up towards tintagel. spent a long weekend a couple of yrs ago fishing with bait off the point at polzeath without much success and spent part of my honeymoon last yr in the camper a couple of days in padstow and then up the coast to tintagel. did a bit of spinning with a toby lure (prior to really getting hooked on plugging) - thought that it looked good ground to come back to. i obviously didnt spend too much time chasing fish that time....

i think we'll deffo be either at padstow/ polzeath or tintagel area.

the campsite that was mentioned sounds good. you sort of need a campfire in the evenings in june if you're camping.
Had my Bass PB off Polzeath rocks plugging in 2008 - some good terrain ... worth dropping Nathan a PM as he guides down that way and can put you right :)
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thanks again for the really helpful replies.

nathan who?

Nathan Taylor (stormy ) He is a mod on here ... does guiding in cornwall
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thanks again for the help. we're gonna be staying in the campsite at tintagel prob the last week of june - i'll be on here seeing how things are going locally nearer thr time. i'll pm nathan as we fancied getting some local knowledge.

time to resume thread...

right, time to resume this thread...

we're definitely coming down to n cornwall on the monday the 28th june for about a week - judging by prev replies it'll be padstow area somewhere.

i'll pm nathan t see if he's able to help...

anyone else about who fancies catching up would be great... happy to return the favour in Dorset sometime.

if anyone knows any informal-ish campsites that'll take a vw van and a couple of tents with 4 (nearly - ahem) - middle aged blokes let me know...
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Nathan Taylor (stormy ) He is a mod on here ... does guiding in cornwall
Nathan took me fishing a month or so ago and I can give his guiding services high recomendation! The problem with any area you are unfamiliar with is that by the time you have a rough idea of where to go and when, the holiday is over. You want to get some fish? - hire Nahan!!
Thanks Andrew, too kind as normal :) .

Ben Fields is another top guy down this neck of the woods if your into the technical aspect of lure fishing.

The place to stay would be padstow area for sure, as their are plenty of campsites by the sea or if you want right on the sea then I would recommend pentewen sands on the south coast by st Austell. Both areas have good fishing this time of the year.
Hi Rich,

i'm down same week as you, staying at Harlyn Bay quite close to Padstow and will be out fishing every night.

Let me know if you want to meet up?

I live 2 minutes from harlyn.
Good for me - I have permission for any dusk and dawn sessions.
Cool. I'll PM you guys my mobile number. Can head out at the drop of a hat so just keep me posted. Can obviously recommend marks as well, depending on when you're out.
You sent me a pm about fishing in south devon - I've tried to reply twice but the forum won't let me. Slapton is one of marks that you mentioned that i fish with my two sons.The bay is full of 3-5" sandeels and mackerel are being caught in large numbers on feathers.I've had several on a dexter and others on a flashmer lure bought from mr fish.Great fun on a 10-30g 7' spinning rod and catches the bigger mackerel.Bass can be seen jumping out of the water but haven't had any yet this year on plugs - too much food to be chasing plastic i think.Other species that can turn up include garfish,herring,pollack ,scad and seatrout.the beach is about 3 miles long with parking either end and in the middle where the deepest water be.plenty of campsites in the area.hope this helps C.J
Thanks everyone for their help on this one - i'll be taking up all offers - really kind. Will be in touch nxt week...

Chris - thanks - had a nice time in s devon a bit of fishing from slapton, lanacombe bay, hope bay etc - no luck although plenty of baifish about - saw mackerel being caught from slapton - hadnt taken my feathers/ bigger rod.... saw some bass whilst I was wading at out at lanacombe but not taking lure.... lovely area but as was with wife for anniversary hols it didn't seem appropriate to kick the arse out of fishing.... cheers
Would defo be up for a meet during the last week of june. Ben let me know if there is a meet planned please? Just wanted to reitterate what nathan said about the south coast i.e Pentewan. it would be a shame for you guys to spend a whole week down in cornwall without spending at least one day checking out the south coast. I can vouch for the fact that there are bass down here in numbers too. My patch is fowey to falmouth so if youre up for a south coast hit let me know.

that would be great mate - we'll be down monday pm ish to padstow. happy to come down south for a day - which onw suits you best? do you want to pm me your mobile no?

all - can't seem to send replies to pm's for some reason - none of the replies I have sent to luke or nathan seem to be in my sent items box!?!?!??!
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