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Nick Phillips said:
Just been spooling up the new Branzino with .23 PP so I thought I would try a little comparison test measuring the diameter (not crush down) and comparing it to the .28PP that is on another spool.
The results were:
.23PP green English diameter 0.011" or 0.28mm

.28PP yellow English diameter 0.012" or 0.31mm

As I said these diameters were measured so that the full diameter when limp was spanned and not just crushed down etc.
As toolmaker by trade I know how to measure stuff properly and I would have to say there isn't much between them at all.
I think the diameters that are stated on the boxes of all braids and fusions must be crush diameters because they are different to the real ones, and remember Vidars breaking strain scale the .23 indeed does break at 20lbs (tested) and the .28 at just over 30lbs (tested).
Yup, sounds about right indeed.

Almost every single braid I’ve come across has a higher diameter than stated.
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