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Press Bait w/ assist hooks

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press bait with assist hooks attached up front ?

ive being reading a blog where there is a press bait as above does`nt this become a rock/snag magnet, i cant see the one i have being hit up-front and resulting lots of misses, how well do these thing fish im looking at using it off the yak and maybe of the rocks into 30ft but for some reason im quite attached to this little bugger, Must be getting soft and theres me saying im going to hammer it till it catches.
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i know keih uses press baits with assist hooks, does pretty well with them, i'm sure he'll chip in if he see's this thread.

Thanks kevin
Actually, it is really straightforward.
I used to make them but recently have been testing the 'Decoy' ones
in both braided and wire strand variations.

Braided on the Press Baits from experience has given the best results and hook up's
are increased by some percentage.

I have Duo Press Bait and Jackson Jig Minnow rigged this way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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