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Lewisman said:
I bought one of the Press Bait Kamuy lures back in the summer whilst out in France. I had seen it mentioned on Henry's Blog while i was out there, and came across it that same day . . . . so impulse purchase.

But, i am struggling to get to grips with what scenario to use it in.

Has anyone used it, and if so, any joy, and any top-tips to share?

myfish said:
yes m8, use em quite alot.

This one though is a specialist and, i find them too heavy for more general use.

These baits do little on a retrieve.

In fact, since I started to use 'flutter' styles around 15 years ago I can honestly say I've caught VERY FEW Bass on them whilst retrieving.

The duo press baits excel where older, metal blade baits failed. They don't just rely on the user 'shaking' the rod on the fall when you STOP !

Yep, you asked, and there I go again, STOP !

Why is it every method I use has to include a STOP ?

Cause it works.

OK, let me explain a typical scenario..

Me and Mick where on google Earth yesterday and saw this place called the 'bitches' somewhere in SW Wales. Tide pumps through there eh..

Lots of places exist like this and for those who know Jersey, It's current is quite mobile and pushes.

I would use a press bait like a Kamuy when either faced with extreme range, extreme depth or, extreme current. Of course, combinations of these exist and try it there too.

On your press bait, cast...HIT the water and STOP...
DO NOT close the bail will stop the bait working properly.

Don't wait long, 3 seconds maybe...

In fact...

I use a system of...
remove hook from rear..
Cast, count down and sink and draw for a few searching chucks IF in unknown territory.

Ok, hooks back on.

Cast, wait, bail OFF.

Count.. 1 & 2 & 3...

Bail on..

Wind up slack real quick....


5 turns FAST...


Bail OFF. There is another way that involves lifting the rod really high as you retrieve on those 5 or 6 fast turns but I like to use bail off as it lets the pressbait fall without tension from the rod tip or line.

These things are often 1/2 oz or more so they DO pull line. I NEVER let the pressbait fall against a tight line, EVER..they just don't flutter.
And, Bass, boy do they love to hit a dropping, fluttering bait.
You could, watch the line pulling from the spool as the pressbait falls to indicate that it is, indeed still falling but it's not reliable in lateral current.

Hope this helps but there loads of ways to fish anything. This is my pretty much standard way.
mosseydog said:
I have found a similar technique works with my Smith superULM although I hadnt thought about releasing the bail arm, I twitch it, let it sink, twitch, sink, etc., then reel in a bit of slack to bring it up again and repeat. It sinks almost horizontally.

Didnt think much of it at first as I couldnt suss it out, so just goes to show how it helps to understand how a specific lure works to get the best out of it. Hopefully after Keiths slant on the press baits I can try and get a bit more success out of the superULM.

Blockhead witnessed it in action at Portland when myself and Tunny went to say hello to Andy and Vidar. After we had climbed down to see them and say hello and just before we moved on I said "I might as well have one cast while I'm here" Had just pulled it over a ledge and across some deeper water when a bass just shot up from below and nailed it, one of the best visual takes I have seen all year. This was followed on route to the next mark with another catch from high up, but thats another story. Small Pollack also seem to love it.
mrfishjersey said:
I do take the bail arm off, sometimes in deeper water when jigging softies and metals, especially when they have been cast, but like I say I tend to do the raise and drop rod method. All this talk of balancing lures and how they sit and fall etc really does get you thinking eh
Henry Gilbey said:
I bought some Press Baits purely after speaking to one of the French guys I met at Nantes and then fished with at Belle Ile - the way he was describing what the lure does and how to fish with set lightbulbs off in my head for certain, very specific locations.......

I like it around fast tides, both deep and shallow water - Keith is right, the Press Bait does virtually nothing on the retrieve, forget about using it like that.

The French bloke explained to me that the big appeal with the lure was that it flutters backwards and down when you let it go (and it does) - he told me to fish it with a very simple sink and draw method. Whack it out, let it sink (flutter down backwards), draw it up (lift the rod tip up) and then let it sink - reel in a few turns, lift the rod, let it sink. Repeat until you get nailed.

Has to be something about what the guy told me, because the lure worked for me exactly as he described, in exactly the spot I weas hoping it would kill.

The Smith Super ULM thing is a bit like it, and I had one until I lent it to a mate and he cracked off with it !! But the Smith one does not flutter down backwards, and perhaps that makes a difference ?
Again guys, selected 'on topic' extracts from the old thread.
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