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Prize pots

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Is The Lure Forum going to have a prize pot based on the longest (so those that wish to catch and release can) Bass, with sections for Boat, Skish and shore?
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I think we should, we did it on wsf, no reason not to carry it over.

All we need are 3 prizes.

I'll put up a prize for best Bass on the skish and possibly best wrasse on lure , both for 2010.
I don't mind sticking in a few quid for the shore prize.

Perhaps Mr Fish could do the boat?

Estuary prize?

Prize for the most obscure species caught on a plug?
I like the most obscure idea. Would be tough to beat a Trigger though. Hmmm, John Dory anyone?
Me too. I was hoping to do some "rockfishing" or "streetfishing" this year. Who knows what might turn up?

Just read about a French SP trip where they took 5 congers off bottom on green shads. Awesome stuff.

There is a famous hole in a local slipway where you could try that less than 10ft from the fish. Now wouldn't that be a great way to get on the board in any general/conger shore comp!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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