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Totally agree Paul, met some great guys and have had a laugh with the LRF, though had the wind and humour knocked out of my sail's the other night with a user, operator error resulting in rod malfunction. Bugger. Will rename myself "jamo the rod slayer".
Awesome !
Totally agree m8. Though this time, you were a tad unlucky. I think me and Kev forget sometimes that our 'easy' marks aren't always 'easy' for others.


Sums it up for me really. It's relaxing, fun fishing with the option to set friendly challenges that don't really matter. No one's gonna fall out over a Blenny or two now are they Paul ? LOL
Guess we'll find out real soon. It also appeals to me with it's finesse, technical aspects and, that you fish alone or in company and the enjoyment level isn't spoiled if the fish is 1oz, 1lb or 3lb. Size, numbers, species are nice to acquire but not necessary. Real, roots down kids style fishing.
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