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quantum salsa spin opinions?

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hi all
i have a salsa spin and think its a good rod for all my plugging. i now have a year experience and now think i know more of what i want my lures to do, both hard and softs...
some lures work well in some conditions and some i dont seem to get what i want or think there action should be.
i would like peoples opinions of the salsa spin to see if i am heading in the right direction with my fishing and if the rod lacks in the areas that i think it does, if you see what i mean..

basically, i have little rod experiance and do not know if the opinions i have formed are correct, i feel i lack enough experiance to choose a new rod, if required and not sure of the direction to head to develop my fishing any further.

just need some opinions of rod to see if they match mine...

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Hi Andy, I never used a salsa before. But in your year so far, how do think the salsa is lacking. Surface work? Casting? etc if you know what I mean. Maybe you have learnt/moved on in your time spent so far. How does it pair with your new reel? The fact your asking, shows the possible need to replace it?
Andy, maybe a 15-40? or similar.
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