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I go away for a few days and the forums get busy busy!

Decided to take a few days off to pursue a spot of lure fishing and to christen my new kayak - picked it up a week before and itching to get out on the salty stuff!

Weather was pretty settled on Thursday morning - up at 6am to get things sorted on teh yak - took me a while to get it setup the way I wanted then launching which was pretty quick tbh. Went out from Warfleet as it is a nice sheltered cove - plenty of nooks and crannys at the top of the river to sling some plastic around!

Wind was getting up so I decided to play it safe and stick inside the river mouth - swell was getting up to around 3 feet at the mouth and I didn't want to go OTT...

Result! snagged 3 schoolies - biggest was a right fatty scrapper!
Decided to call it a day as I was hungry and needed breakfast but pleased as punch to get a few fish - opening up my November account!

Main killer was an IMA MD110 in red/yellow and fished slowly and gently - all three fish were very tentative gentle plucks ... rather than turbo charged snatches.

Went out on the rocks on friday morning - conditions were less than ideal but decided to give it a go in the rain ... couple of hours and working a variety of coves decided to give it up and come back for breakkie - great to be out in the sea air especially as work has been stressful and alot of hours this month :D

Enjoy the pics!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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