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Didn't have much time today before dark, the daylight has been better of late, but often is this time of year.

Went down for a few throws with the softs and a couple of casts with the suspender as well.

the wind made it very difficult, it's really come up and gone NW this afternoon which didn't help when I had gone west as it was supposed to be NE. Bloney weather men...

I had a couple of hits within the first few casts and eventually hooked up:


Wasn't that dark but the flash went off.

He went back no problem.

few more goes at this mark saw another rockie steal the last of my bubbling shads so i went hard and had a few chucks of my rod to see if there were any bass lurking in the surfline, lost a good unseen fish at this mark last time there but the water was lower this time.

I started to get a soaking as the tide moved up a bit so I had to head for shelter on a SE facing mark, still on the west coast, closest I could think of and not ideal and also not fished in a long time.

Started hard and soon went soft as nothing came along and then started to get rockie takes on the bottom slow retreive.

I then hooked a very small pollack through the belly somehow and next cast big take and fish on, for about 5 seconds til it realised it wasn't hooked to just bit the lure in half. He hung on so long I thought it was hooked, but no, it was just a greedy rockie didn't want his lunch getting away!!

And then it got dark, really comes fast this tome of year so I wondered back to the van and home.

Better than a blank but wanted a bass really.


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