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replacement trebles and split rings

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hows a going everyone its my first post on here so its a fairly standard question... time for a new batch of trebles for 2010 season, i would like to know whats the best size to use and which brand are trusted among ye.. need some for example 128 feed shallows 150 surf tide minnows , 145 sldf tide minnow, patchinko ,thanks for all info...
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Barry, i re-tooled a few of mine a few weeks ago. To be perfectly honest, i took the lazy route, and just phoned Mr Fish. He has a good selection there, and knows all of those lures very well. If i were you, i'd just give him a call, and let him talk you through what you need.
maybe he posts a reply here and we all can profit from it?

I think the 128mm Feed Shallow comes fitted with Owner ST46 size 5, and the SLD-F145 comes with OwnerST46 size 4. Not sure about the 150surf though.
Some people haven't gotten on too well with ST46 trebles, and I think Mick has the had more success with the decoy trebles. I have some from MrFish on a few plugs They seem OK (blo*dy sharp, when fitting them).
Owner hook wise, try the Reels and Deals ebay site. I know they had some ST46 on there a while ago.

Split ring wise, best I have found so far are the Varivas Power split rings. The 40lb one seem the right size for most of my plugs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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