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Hi chaps

I need to replace some trebles and was wonderihg if the size of trebles from manufacture to manufacture varies or is for example an Owner size 6 the same weight and size as a Decoy size 6. Or would that be too simple.

I have found most of the replacement sizes required but cant find what size treble the Bonnie 128 and the Super Spook take. ....... any thoughts.

and should I stick to the hook type that originally came with the lure. If so where is the best place to get Owner ST46 hooks.

Great Forum

Interested to see/hear what the guys come back with from sweetshop in Nantes .:-o

kind regards

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Paul, im still there, unfortunately my camera battery has departed this world, im seriously considering eating some of the softies. In all seriousness though it was great weekend, highly recommend anyone going next year and join in the show environment. Mindblowing for those who havent been before, and for those who dont feel the need to go, as BA said " I pity the fool "

I'll pop up my own experience of the show when I get back. Im sure everyone else who attended would share their experiences.
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