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Ring Upgrade

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I was wondering if anyone on here has had a rod re-rung, one of my rods has a couple of rings that are no longer looking there best. I was wondering if it might be possible to have it re-rung with better quality rings (some thing like stainless steel SIC) Which probably cost more than the rod did, but I like the rod enough to make it worth while.
Any ideas cost wise??
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I looked into this a while ago - top of the line Fuji Ti Gold Cermet from Mudhole were quite reasonable - its the whipping and time that will catch you out!
I think the top end rods would stand a number of re-ringing and whip jobs in their lifetime.

I'd go titanium too. But i'm going with a twin leg 2nd guide, not single. pulled that guide when the
rod has been wet on my mix and ultimate.

I'm getting some re-refurbishment sorted on my mix270 post new year as I've dropped it a few times in falls.

Our local custom rod guy does awesome work too.
Hmmm same here - both lower guides on my 270 and U One need re-doing ... partly my fault through knocking them and being lazy and using them to unplug the top and bottom rod sections!
Our local guy charges £5 per eye for the whipping, but in all fairness to him he is world class, better work than any factory finish and to be honest many guys over here have bought custom rods etc and had them re whipped straight away by Steve, his woork is breath taling. If you want it done by him Dave just send me the rod and let me know what eyes you want, I keep about 8 different types of Fujis in stock all the time and order specials in all the time for people, I dont mind sorting this for you. He even does a complete blank varnished, its very very good work.
Five pounds per ring sounds pretty reasonable if the work is of the quality you are talking about MrFish. Plus the cost of the rings wouldn't be too bad, especially to restore a good rod for more bassing.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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