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River2Sea Plugs, does anyone know these?

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for example this one?

Anything to say about how its running, casting and...

catching? :muhu:

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Sorry, Tom, can't help there I'm afraid and I've never really studied River2Sea lures. Somebody on here will know about it though, that's almost guaranteed. Looks quite "fat" so I would hope the roll on on it would be nice.

But the listing says you can use it for Tuna!!!!???? Are they sure?
I sell a few, they are great value for money in fact, good quality, I am amazed they are not more popular.
Used their poppers in the past - a good budget option that are fairly GT proof ...
I've got and used a few models.

Like Mick, I'm surprised they aren't more popular.

I haven't used the one mentioned above though.

The Sebile lures are another good and underrated make.
I use a few of the River2Sea hard baits in addition to the Bottom Walker soft plastic shad for freshwater lure fishing and I find them excellent value for money :clap: :clap:
jep, the money for value is great. Will get me some. Thx for your opinions and the link above, so I do not have to order in the states (customs...).

River to sea plugs are very good and they come in lurvely little hinged boxes. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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