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Jon Bunyard said:
mrfishjersey said:
I recon he should sharpen those hooks or summat.
He should try to set the hooks, having sharpened them. He appears to be using a very soft rod, would he be better off wih a fast action tip to help st the hook?
Hey I have never caught a tiger fish so am no way qualified to mention anything, but I agree he doesnt seem to be setting the hook, but then again they may be buggers to land once hooked......

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Mark Sleep said:
He was using a Shimano Nexave baitcasting rod! I have one of those, never use it. Why do they add reeling in sound effects?
Think he was using a low end shimano rear drag real for most of it as well! combined with the fact that he never stops winding, I wonder how many (reels) he wears out per session! That ones not gonna last long on a World tour!!! :muttley:
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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