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Savagegear bushwhacker for the Anglesey coastline.

Discussion in 'Rods' started by {name}, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Blanker

    Firstly thankyou for the acceptance into your group, having previously lure fished in the past I decided to stick to bait fishing ( although I still do) I decided to get back into lure fishing due to the circumstances we find ourselves in (covid 19) I just wanted to get out at the spur of the moment hence my first purchase a sakura ryokan which is a nice rod for the money! Having decided to fish more with soft plastics, weedless hooks I purchased a savagegear bushwhacker 7'6" 9 to 32g well I took it for a fish today and to be honest I was well impressed with its capabilities of launching a soft plastic and a surface lure of 12g max, fantastic! Seems to do what I want especially around the coast of Anglesey where I live! It's bass heaven to be honest had some great sport over the years especially late August on north easterly winds and an abundance of sprat that are getting pounded by mackerel followed by the bass feeding on the mackerel in shallow bays, my question is can this new purchase (savage gear bushwhacker) handle the bass that feed during these feeding frencys, I hope it can and I don't see why not

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