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BJF said:
Do we over-estimate the importance of 'scent' in fishing? So much talk lately about leaving lures static for some quite lengthy amounts of time...? Is action or a lures ability to mimic something real (from a visual point of view) often more important?

....speaking outside of completely coloured water conditions where fish might need to rely on smell more to locate a meal...?

...would this go as far as to say you could almost just fish an artificial bait under a float if it were presented correctly....

dai56 said:
A mate of mine regulary fishes a single jelly worm under a float he has a caravan near aberairon[spelling] and will often let the tide do the work he casts it out lets the tide take it and brings it back in slowly with plenty of stops on the way he catches mackeral pollak and the odd bass this way
the jellyworm of choice is black with pink tail or blue again with pink tail
myfish said:
Do we over-estimate the importance of 'scent' in fishing?
I'm assuming you meant..'under estimate'

If so, yes.

I wash my plugs in salt water, use smelly scents sometimes and always wash my hands in the sea before tying on a plug.

I reckon it helps.
BJF said:
Hmmm, I think I did mean over-estimate to start with. Can see what you're saying though Keith. 'Bad' smells could have an effect - I think I do it without thought - coarse fishing throwback.

...but then, like Dai says, a float fished jellyworm is still being taken - which presumably has very little in the way of 'attractive' scent - guessing.

I suppose there are 3 options (lure wise).

1) A fully flavoured lure.
2) An unflavoured/scented lure.
3) An flavoured or unflavoured lure that has been tainted with an unnatural oil or man-made aroma(?). Niccotine for example.

You want to avoid the latter Keith?!

I suppose it's the middle one that I'm most interested in figuring out. IF static, unflavoured lures are being taken what does it say about the importance of scent? Better to have none at all than to have the wrong one? And does having no scent at all matter (on occasion)? In strong currents I can understand how a fish MUST have a look at ANY passing item as a potential meal - otherwise it'll be gone. In this case an unflavoured bait can be let to drift. On a smaller tide though, or when the current is weak...?
mosseydog said:
I was thinking of this before the Weymouth festival last year. I took down some lures which I kept in separate boxes, I gave them a spray with WD40 and chucked in some star annise to see if it would make a difference. Still not sure but looks funny when I'm sniffing a lure when I get it out of the box.

thought I would try the star annise approach as its similar to the xlayers and a lot of the scented US SP's
The Squid said:
Always try to go fishing with dirty hands, if bait fishing take an old bait rag to wipe my hands first.

Just thought that I could spray my hands with bait enhancer when lure fishing.
Saltiga said:
In the US and Australia there are plenty of different flavours made specifically for artificials. I have never tried any but they do seem to be effective some of the time.
dazdecs said:
im terrible,if i know im pluggin or surf fishin in the morning ill go out the night before and put the fuel in the car.aint good on ya hands whilst fishin no matter what i rub on them.
dai56 said:
Now that is something i do

thinking on it the jelly worms my mate uses are motor oil scented
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