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Scierra Canyon Wading Jacket

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I can get one of these at half price (£50). Does anyone have any experience or opinions on these? Money is tight right now so I need every purchase to be a good one!
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It would have to be pretty duff to not be worth £50, eh Dai? Not as waterproof as the Cags that Softie loves but would do a turn, and cheaper (although the prices Softie mentioned to me on Sunday were much less than I seem able to find on the internet?). As I also have to get some "budget" waders and boots I have to be a bit careful with what I get. And then when I have kitted George out as well - ouch!
Thanks, Guys. John, are they open at Fishtec on a Sunday? Might be worth a drive over there this weekend as those sound like blinding deals. Are details of the offers on their website?
Si, I am sure Softie said he could get the Cags well cheaper than the prices I have seen. The one you posted yesterday looks the nuts, but whilst you won't get wet in it, you will get hot.I think the Cag for wet & wild, Wading Jacket for cold & windy.
Blinding - cheers, Iestyn. I'll call them tomorrow (I assume you rate them as a decent firm to deal with?).
Iestyn, I know the weather is pants today (hwoling windy over here right now) but have you done any real work today?? :lol: :eek:
Sound advice, John - many thanks. I'll be calling them tomorrow (now Iestyn has given me their number!).
:lol: :D :lol:
Well. I've ordered the Wading Jacket from Garry Evans - should be here Friday. Looking at the forecast, I should be able to test it at the wekeend! Will report back on how it performs. As regards waders, I appreciate all the advice, and will get myself over to Fishtec at the first opportunity. Thanks again for all the help guys!
Well, big up for Garry Evans. Ordered Wading jacket 5pm Wednesday, arrived 10am today. Fits nice, and as long as it does what it says in the tin, then I will be chuffed. First time I have dealt with them, but good service, very helpful and I would use them again. I know others use them a lot, but it is nice to use a local firm and get looked after.
Steve - £50. Elsewhere on the thread you will also that Fishtec have some equally good offers too. Seems like a nice piece of kit for the money, so we'll see how it goes.
First trip out gave the new jacket a good test - rain, fresh northerly breeze and a good swell causing the odd splash! To be honest the jacket performed really well - completely waterproof, light and comfortable. Worth a look at this money I think, chaps.
plugs said:
some offers when you hear/see them are far too good to refuse.
Mike that was exactly how I saw it too and pleased with it too.
Doc, After a full season of hard wear I am pretty pleased with the jacket. The pockets are NOT waterproof (lost one phone as a result) but it is windproof, warm and loads of pockets albeit some of the pocket stitching is starting to unravel. For the money it is very reasonable. Not sure about the sale - just check the website. I paid £50 just under a year ago and I think there is a good deal still available. I'm not saying there aren't better products out there, but for all but the most extreme conditions this is a pretty serviceable jacket.
Tim - thanks to this post I picked one up from Garry Evans for £35, had it about 6 weeks now, and or the money seems superb. A Good Buy definately.
Can't go far wrong with that deal, Steve!
Toby, pretty waterproof except for "extreme" conditions. If youare expecting major soakings then a Cag or wetsuit may be better! I think it meets it's design brief and it is what it is - a wading jacket designed for the fly-fishing market, not serious saltwater/surf fishing. Given all that, it copes fine for the money.
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