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Scierra Canyon Wading Jacket

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I can get one of these at half price (£50). Does anyone have any experience or opinions on these? Money is tight right now so I need every purchase to be a good one!
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Tim they are not open on a sunday, and to save you some mileage call into tightlines direct on wind street, ammanford as they are the same company (fishtec and tightlines direct are owned by bvg-airflo)!!!! the stock though comes from the main warehouse in brecon which has a small outlet shop, but i know ammanford will hold a decent stock of the gear. similarly if you phone them they will arrange to have stock delivered from brecon down to ammanford. the telephone no.s are

fishtec brecon 01874 612 612

tightlines direct 01269 592380
Griff said:
Blinding - cheers, Iestyn. I'll call them tomorrow (I assume you rate them as a decent firm to deal with?).
Iestyn, I know the weather is pants today (hwoling windy over here right now) but have you done any real work today?? :lol: :eek:

been really busy today, flood prevention control (driving the landrover up and down the beats and observing!!)
baliff/poaching control (observing whilst doing the above which counts as multi-tasking!!)
tying flies (whilst observing the internet....this site)
carrying out water treatment tests (involving milk, sugar and hot water!!)
food tester/critic (to the lunch my mrs done me!!)
studying the trout and salmon magazine for "faults"

phew im knackered!!! same again tomorrow.............unfortunately! :lol:
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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