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Scierra Canyon Wading Jacket

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I can get one of these at half price (£50). Does anyone have any experience or opinions on these? Money is tight right now so I need every purchase to be a good one!
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I agree with John, trying before you buy is vital to get a good fit. My waders and boots as posted on the previous site came from the outlet shop in Brecon and I tried on a few pairs and ended up with a cracking deal on my Airflow waders and Simms boots.
I'm sure plugs has got the Canyon Jacket and likes it, I went down to Cardiff to pick one up as they were on offer for £50 a few months back, unfortunately they didnt have any in my size so they let me have the new Scierra Aquatex Pro for the same price. Seems good but need to give it a few good hard sessions before I can comment honestly.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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