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Oh I do like that sound when line starts to click off. And even better when it doesn't stop clicking off and just gets faster and faster...

Let's build a picture.

I went for a wonder down south today, looking for a path to these rocks

Water Sky Azure Natural landscape Coastal and oceanic landforms

I have been there before, at night, but was following someone and obviously not paying proper attention as I couldn't for the life of me find the path, ended on my behind several times, one of them being far too close to the edge. I must have taken a wrong turn through the tracks. Well they aren't tracks, there are sort of rabbit runs through the bramble. My legs are shot and I was wearing jeans.

Anyway, after going up and down and round and round I gave up and headed elsewhere.

Trekking down another cliff with better paths I started to chuck a Zonk about, tons of mullet on the surface away to my right, watching them when suddenly the rod keeled over and line just started pouring off. The fight was on!!

After some serious tug of war and mono melting runs followed by periods of me not being able to pull in and the fish as yet unseen not able to make ground finally got it to the surface and I then found out why it was such an amazing fight!!

Mullet, foul hooked in the root of the tail!! Went just under 5lb but was long and skinny and really not looking very well. Huge nasty welt near it's tail which looked like an old wound healing. Not a very happy fish and not seen one looking so poorly in ages so he was quickly returned.

Water Fin Fish Salmon-like fish Marine biology

Fishing on and I kept getting bumped by something until finally fish on!!

Bloney beak which wouldn't stay still for a photo.

Natural material Wood Bumper Quill Tool

And that was to be the last fish. Some guys turned up to try for the mullet which has since scarpered but they had a few beaks. I switched to a SP on a 14g head which I coud just about feel what was going on with bumping bottom, had a couple of big pulls which were deinitely fish, maybe small rockies (wrasse) not taking it proper.

Anyway, a nice day to be out but that's enough cliffs for the day now!!


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